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About: This is a blog dedicated to all of the handsome older gentlemen, whether they be bi, gay or straight. Some of the content may be explicit, so please no one under the age of 18 view this blog. If you have any questions about any of the pictures, daddy things in general, or myself, please ask!
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Daddy taking a break from office work!

Daddy taking a break from office work!

Selfie in my new sportcoat — sorry, I’m only 22!

Selfie in my new sportcoat — sorry, I’m only 22!

Be careful with that knife!

Be careful with that knife!

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Stop looking at your phone!

Stop looking at your phone!

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cooldeancaslove asked: He does know I'm gay, but I don't think he knows I like him. And he is super hot, I mean he's 57 and still has women hitting on him even though he's married. And probably a few guys too! Hahaha Ill post a pic of him on my blog for ya!

Oh wow, taekwondo too? That could get hot and sweaty! Have you thought of any ways yourself in hitting on him?

cooldeancaslove asked: Well, he's married, and has kids so yeah... and it is frustrating, Ive had times where he's so handsome it hurts, and I just want to kiss him. And when he's sick, I just wanna hold him in my arms and snuggle him till hes better.

Wow this guy sounds adorable! I would love to see what he looks like, as I am jealous you get to see him every day! I am not quite sure how you should approach this situation though. Does he know you’re gay?

wennsteed asked: Hey, was wondering if you know who the daddy is in the pictures with the caption "daddy blows!" And "tastes like daddy." Also was wondering if you had a favorite "porn" daddy. Mine would be Jay Taylor for gay porn and Buck Adams for straight.

I did a brief image search and only found an alias “Logan,” with the title “Logan gets service by New York Straight Men.” It seems like he does some work with newyorkstraightmen.com, but not sure of a last name or a real name.

I usually enjoy watching amateur porn, usually from xtube. However, I have always had a thing for Jake Cruise videos for some reason. There are definitely hotter actors out there, but there was something about this videos that turned me on!

Thanks for the question :)

cooldeancaslove asked: Thanks for the reply, I didn't realize i was on anon, but I am horrible at being coy. I know him pretty well, and we talk and chat a lot, and he lets me hug him. Btw, he's also my boss :[

How do you know for sure that he is straight? That must be frustrating that you are allowed to hug him, but want to do so much more with him! Thanks for coming off anon by the way :)

Anonymous asked: Are all models 18 or over I have no interest in children ?

They all should be, especially since I only post mature-aged men. I have no interest in children either!